Infor SunSystems

The smarter way to report financial data

Infor SunSystems is market leading accounting and financial management software.

Infor SunSystems is an easy-to-use, innovative Financial Management System (FMS) designed to centralise and streamline financial processes.

Built for the future

Whether you are a global multi-national or a stand-alone business, Infor SunSystems is delivered ready for growth.

With its multiple parallel ledgers, extensive analytical capabilities, full multi-company and multi-currency functionality, SunSystems is the favoured solution for the Energy sector.

Using Q&A, users can interrogate and report actual v budget performance with full drill-down to transaction detail.

Simplify your processes

With Infor SunSystems automated payment and reconciliation capability, workflow authorisation and information sharing; processes are streamlined no matter what your configuration or system architecture might be.

Our clients benefit from improved decision-making, enhanced local and regional reporting as well as managing and simplifying complex international accounting, inter-company and joint venture processes.

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Global implementation expertise

Adhering to International Accounting Standards (IAS) and following best practice, we are experts at supplying, implementing and supporting Infor SunSystems globally.

We have delivered integrated accounting and financial management systems to more than 100 clients across the Energy sector.

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Key Benefits of Infor SunSystems:

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Deliver management information and reporting with multi-lingual, multi-currency and multi-jurisdiction capability.

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Align your growth strategies with flexible deployment options in the cloud or on-premise.

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React faster to potential problems with real-time alerts with drill back to transactions.

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 Infor SunSystems for Oil & Gas

Infor SunSystems for Oil & Gas

Infor SunSystems for Oil & Gas

Offering Oil & Gas firms enhanced reliability, longer product life cycles, maximised drilling times, compliant reporting and centralised procedures with Infor SunSystems taking charge of core ledger accounting, management accounts and reporting.

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 Infor SunSystems for Renewable Energy

Infor SunSystems for Renewable Energy

Infor SunSystems for Renewable Energy

Supporting Renewable Energy firms by streamlining accounting & cash management and group reporting frameworks - helping to maximise process efficiencies and control costs.

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 Infor SunSystems for Downstream Trading

Infor SunSystems for Downstream Trading

Infor SunSystems for Downstream Trading

Enabling Downstream Trading organisations to record and maintain hedged transactions & physical positions as well as forecast trend analysis for management reporting through integration with your chosen ETRM or CTRM system.

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