AMPYR embraces Digital Automation for their Financial Operations with AI-Driven Cloud Solutions

11. 07. 24 Peter Davis

We are delighted to announce that AMPYR Distributed Energy, a global developer of renewable energy assets, has chosen TouchstoneEnergy to digitise their financial accounting, AP (Accounts Payable) and AR invoicing processes and Management reporting.

By implementing Infor SunSystems Cloud, powered by Sysynkt AI (Artificial Intelligence) automation and Sharperlight for budgeting and management reporting, this new system will deliver the digital platform to support the ambitious growth plans of AMPYR

The seamless integration of Sysynkt to automate accounts payable (AP) processing, employee expenses, and cash and bank functions with Open Banking and electronic payments, will help accelerate their month-end routines and reporting to investors. Sharperlight will provide robust reporting and budget management capabilities to ensure the accuracy of their business operation.

AMPYR also invested in Touchstone’s Data Services and data warehouse technologies which have been designed to capture and harmonise inbound meter data from their solar installations using sensors to help automate the contract billing process.

Scaling the AMPYR business using AI technology

With the analytical power of SunSystems, Sysynkt’s effective use of AI technology, and guided by TouchstoneEnergy’s expertise, AMPYR are scaling their business, streamlining the management of processes, and addressing key business objectives.

Deploying Sysynkt will enhance AMPYR’s operation by offering complete transparency, full control, and cost-effectiveness over their supplier management, purchasing, AP and expense management processes, thus reducing the need for manual intervention.

Using integrated document workflow for approvals before transaction processing into SunSystems, Sysynkt will validate the accuracy of the data captured and optimise the workflows to support AMPYR’s paperless objectives.

AMPYR Embraces Cloud Solutions for Efficiency and Scalability

AMPYR has deliberately chosen cloud-based solutions to minimise annual costs and leverage the power of cloud-ready software. AMPYR will also extensively use TouchstoneEnergy’s managed services allowing them to focus growing their business rather than employing expensive IT resource. This strategic move also allows them to benefit from scalable, secure, and cost-effective IT Infrastructure without the need for on-premise hardware and maintenance.

Integrating these solutions in the cloud will provide AMPYR with the robust financial controls, comprehensive reporting, and efficient contract billing they need. This approach ensures financial savings year-on-year and increased operational efficiency by reducing the overhead associated with traditional IT system deployments.

“Through early investment in AI technology and digitising their accounting and AP, banking and expense management processes, AMPYR is expected to save more than £100k year-on-year following go-live of their newly integrated Infor SunSystems & Sysynkt automation cloud ready solution."

Rudolf Grabowski, Chief Financial Officer, AMPYR Distributed Energy Ltd

“Being awarded this contract by AMPYR is testament to the expertise of TouchstoneEnergy and our longstanding focus in the energy sector. We are hugely excited about this project and working with AMPYR to ensure they benefit from early investment IT automation to support their growth plans. As AMPYR embark on executing their plans to become a leading and market dominant provider in the renewable energy space, TouchstoneEnergy will be there to help support AMPYR at every step of their journey."

Peter Davis, Sector Head of TouchstoneEnergy (part of TouchstoneFMS)

Why TouchstoneEnergy

The primary aim was to streamline and automate AMPYR’s business processes by establishing a seamless environment through the integration of modern technology driven software. Using the enhanced power of software automation, at the same time minimising operating costs, TouchstoneEnergy accomplished this by leveraging advanced technologies and industry best practices.

With a remarkable 40-year legacy in FMS (Financial Management System) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems, TouchstoneEnergy utilised its renowned expertise to provide specialised knowledge and tailored solutions to meet the specific needs of AMPYR. Through their extensive experience, TouchstoneEnergy has gained a profound understanding of the unique challenges and requirements across the energy spectrum, enabling them to offer the most cost-effective and efficient solutions to their clients.

About AMPYR Distributed Energy

AMPYR Distributed Energy delivers clean energy solutions for the UK & Europe through ownership and operations of B2B energy infrastructure.  

AMPYR simplifies the transition to net zero for business customers through the installation of rooftop solar PV, energy efficiency, and energy storage solutions aimed at business consumers, landowners, communities, private and public sector organisations. 

About TouchstoneEnergy

TouchstoneEnergy provides enterprise class business software and IT consultancy services, focusing on asset-intensive industries. We specialise in the supply of automated Enterprise Asset Management, Accounting and Finance, and Business Intelligence solutions.

Our team leverages their combined 350 years of experience, knowledge, and skills to offer consultative and solution-driven support that helps our clients overcome many day-to-day business challenges.

We use these qualities in conjunction with highly capable and proven software from world class software authors such as Infor and Hexagon, and emerging software house Sysynkt to improve efficiency, and deliver genuine business value for our growing client base.

To find out more about how TouchstoneEnergy can help your organisation enhance their financial operations please contact us at

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