Sysynkt Extended Finance

Designed for Infor SunSystems

Sysynkt Extended Finance is easy-to-use software designed for SunSystems to automate your purchasing, accounts payable, banking, currency rate and expense processes.

Rich in functionality and accessed through a browser using a PC, tablet, or other mobile devices, Sysynkt extends the capabilities of SunSystems.

Extended Finance Automation

Sysynkt offers technology advanced Supplier Management, AP Invoice Processing & AI document recognition for SunSystems.

Sysynkt allows you to invite new suppliers to onboard themselves using Sysynkt's Supplier Management Portal.

When the supplier onboarding and registration process is complete, users can begin creating Requisitions and Purchase Orders which can enforce budget checking, and then be sent by workflow for approval before automatically emailing the PO to your supplier.

Once the goods or services are received, using its AI (Artificial Intelligence) capabilities, Sysynkt Extended Finance will read your purchase invoice documents, automatically code and generate transactions, before posting directly to SunSystems ready for payment.

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Dynamic, real-time banking.

Sysynkt is a true cloud application that works with SunSystems using secure online bank payments applying Open Banking Standards. Using the Open Banking API from your bank to Sysynkt, authorised users can make secure online payments, and receive real-time data feeds from your banking, credit card, or other banking institutions.

Sysynkt Extended Finance automatically matches statement transactions with those recorded in SunSystems. The reconciliation process identifies any matching variances and once corrected, will post the allocated transactions using auto-coding and user-defined workflows for authorisation before creating new transactions in SunSystems.

Watch the Banking with Sysynkt and SunSystems Webinar
Extended Finance Automation
Extended Finance Automation

Easy-to-use employee expenses which can be used across your business.

Using the latest Sysynkt AI technology, the Expenses module can read handwritten or printed receipts, automatically create the expense transactions and route these via its drag-and-drop workflow for approval, before posting to SunSystems.

Sysynkt Expenses will help control maverick spending and assist with the prevention and early detection of fraud by introducing expense approval and detailed spend analysis.

Download the Expenses with SunSystems and Sysynkt Datasheet

Simplify the process of uploading exchange rates into SunSystems.

With existing plug-ins to XE, OANDA and Bloomberg, and using the Sysynkt OPENAPI 2.0 integration tool we can automate a scheduled upload of Fx Rates from any exchange rate service. The Fx upload process automatically populates your SunSystems Business Units without manual intervention.

Using our fully integrated exchange rate upload process means there are no mistakes, incorrect uploads, or duplicates. Sysynkt Extended Finance understands how SunSystems works and uses its modern OPENAPI 2.0 standard for interfaces, so nothing needs re-keying.

Download the Currency Rate Automation with SunSystems and Sysynkt Datasheet
Extended Finance Automation
A dark blue circle with three circles on the larger circle. One has a white US dollar sign in it, one has a white british pound sign in it, one has a white euro sign in it.

Fully integrated into SunSystems 6.4, in the TouchstoneCloud, SunSystems Cloud or Public Cloud.

A dark blue icon of one blue square transferring to another.

Drag and drop workflow engine.

Extended Finance Automation

Uses the latest OPENAPI 2.0 for integration with other business applications.

Extended Finance Automation

Includes KPI dashboards, embedded reports with drilldown, easy-to-navigation, a clean and intuitive user interface.

Extended Finance Automation

Sysynkt Extended Finance will work with any other system your organisation may already use.

Extended Finance Automation

Fully functional web browser application using tablet and mobile phones on Android or iOS device.

Extended Finance Automation

Integrated with OneDrive and the wider Microsoft suite (including SharePoint), Azure Active Directory and SSO.

Extended Finance Automation

Can send reminder notifications via Slack, Teams and email.

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