Why are digital platforms important to CFOs?

11. 07. 17 Marcus Kelly

Using digital platforms is something that many of us do without thinking about it – we jump back and forth between software applications, social media and websites.

A digital platform allows for others to connect into them. Their application programming interfaces (APIs) make it easier for other software products to interact with theirs and to build solutions that share data and co-create value.

Using multiple systems may make it difficult to identify and respond to business opportunities as an organisation grows. As the business gets larger, department boundaries tend to become more formal and information can become more siloed and harder to find.

Sharing a common platform and database across an organisation, can help keep everyone on the same page – and focused on customers.

To help energy sector CFO’s overcome these hurdles, TouchtoneEnergy have developed EnergyFlow Business Process Management.

TouchstoneEnergy’s - EnergyFlow Business Process Management Platform (BPM) enables organisations of all proportions, in a multitude of disciplines, the capability to develop processes that satisfy and often exceed business expectations.

EnergyFlow extends the reach of business information to not only Finance & ERP applications, but CRM and other business applications through extensive integration capabilities.

TouchstoneEnergy can supply a range of pre-built business processes such as:

AFE approval, eCAP (Electronic Contract Approval) and Safety, Health, Environmental and Quality (SHEQ) Solutions

These pre-built business processes remain configurable to adapt to each individual organisation.

There are multitudes of data sources EnergyFlow can access. Some of these include Microsoft SQL Server, ODBC and Oracle.

EnergyFlow can help your business by automating the processing, management and performance monitoring for some of the most complex, manual and repetitive tasks in finance, complementing other systems such as ERP and performance management. This reduces the time and resources required to successfully run your business, so it’s a platform that is clearly of importance to many CFOs.

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Marcus Kelly

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Marcus Kelly

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