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14. 03. 24 Lily Swain

AOC selects TouchstoneEnergy to streamline financial management processes

Oil & Gas operator Anasuria Operating Company Limited (AOC) have selected TouchstoneEnergy to implement and integrate financial accounting system Infor SunSystems Cloud with their existing Enterprise Asset Management system - streamlining their financial management processes.

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30. 01. 24 Lily Swain

How HxGN EAM is revolutionising Hydro Electric Power Plant asset management

In this blog, TouchstoneEnergy explores how Hexagon Enterprise Asset Management – HxGN EAM – facilitates Hydro Electric Power plants and other renewable energy companies.

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17. 12. 23 Lily Swain

Hexagon EAM upgrade: HxGN 12.1

TouchstoneEnergy explores how the upgrade of Hexagons latest Enterprise Asset Management software – HxGN EAM 12.1 is transforming renewable energy businesses

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01. 12. 23 Lily Swain

ISO 27001:2017 certification.

Touchstone Energy proudly announces its achievement of ISO 27001:2017 certification.

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20. 11. 23 Lily Swain

Use Hexagon Enterprise Asset Management to facilitate solar panel maintenance

In this blog, TouchstoneEnergy explores how Hexagon Enterprise Asset Management – HxGN EAM – facilitates solar panel maintenance and other renewable energy companies.

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24. 10. 23 Lily Swain

Serengeti Energy goes live with Hexagon EAM delivered by leading business partner - TouchstoneEnergy

African-focused renewable energy company Serengeti Energy goes live with Hexagon EAM (HxGN EAM) - delivered by leading business partner, TouchstoneEnergy.

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28. 06. 23 TouchstoneEnergy

Top Enterprise Asset Management Software & Renewable Energy

Click here to join the TouchstoneEnergy team as we explore how top enterprise asset management software can help renewable energy businesses, and more.

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22. 06. 23 TouchstoneEnergy

The Importance of an Effective Performance Management System

Effective performance management system implementation has never been more important in the energy sector. Read how TouchstoneEnergy builds solutions that last.

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15. 06. 23 TouchstoneEnergy

Finding the Best Enterprise Asset Management Software For Your Business

In pursuit of the best enterprise asset management software, you may find yourself overlooking the most important part: the aid of an implementation specialist..

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13. 06. 23 TouchstoneEnergy

How To Build Efficient Performance Management Systems

Building performance management systems requires the support offered by TouchstoneEnergy. Click to learn more about how we can help transform your business.

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At TouchstoneEnergy we are persistently working to make strides forward in the energy sector, adding even more experience to our established expert team and providing unparalleled service to businesses around the world. We're proud of each and every solution we work on. This page is where we report on our latest projects, providing updates on our progress - click on any of the articles to take a look, and follow us on Linkedin for even more on the latest energy sector news.

Why it’s important to stay up to date with energy sector news

In the modern industrial landscape, renewable energy and environmental sustainability are key issues. The world's regulatory bodies are investing and/or facilitating the green future needed to mitigate climate change. Reacting to social sustainability policies or the newest decarbonisation incentive notices early is critical for a modern company in the energy sector. There are always lessons and growth to be drawn from every upstream variable, and the sooner you're made aware the easier it is to react in time.

Reacting to new developments in the energy sector is core to TouchstoneEnergy's offering, as once the systems we implement - financial management systems and asset management solutions - are integrated, we work with our clients to understand what consumers are demanding, and provide swift clarity on how best to respond.

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