What is An 'Implement Consulting Group'?

The terms 'implement consulting group', or 'implementation consultant', are often widely used in the business software sector. While these terms are widely used, it's arguable that the language can be misleading. While many organisations implement and consult on the deployment of new business processes, they tend to focus on one or the other, and so these terms can often confuse potential clients.

The implementation of an ERP solution requires care and attention, as every company has different needs from their information and business systems. This is why most software vendors offer support teams to aid in the implementation of the software. What's on offer from these teams, often referred to under the umbrella term 'implementation consultants', can often be very broad. If you're looking to hire a professional implementation consultancy, it's important to know what you're getting.

Separating the terms 'implementation' and 'consultancy'

As implied by its name, an ‘Implement consulting group’ covers both implementation and consulting. It’s important to understand what implementation and consulting mean, how they differ, as well as the impact on an Energy firm that deploys each term as part of their project management. Implementation services can be used when you need to get a new business process installed at a comparatively faster speed. This is because the project is configured to fit your business from the top-down.

Unfortunately, sometimes firms focused purely on deploying business systems can lean towards just implementing the software ‘as is’ rather than taking the time to put an implement consulting group in place and truly understand the client as an individual business, and ensuring that the implementation they put in place meets that client’s unique set of needs - but we’ll talk more about what makes Touchstone different in this regard shortly.

The work undertaken through consultancy services gives an implementation team the insight they need to understand those needs and come up with a solution that responds to them well, so while it is separate from implementation services, it does support them. If consultation is neglected, then even things like employee training, project leadership and overarching strategy decisions might also be left solely to the client - and these are areas where the implementation team should definitely be providing professional input.

The TouchstoneEnergy Approach

Thankfully, that’s definitely not the case when you partner with TouchstoneEnergy. It is true that a straightforward implementation can work for some organisations, but we know that most have more complex needs, or have a business process that they wish to improve or replace at the same time. We also know that clients in this position will require additional support to achieve their goals, and that’s why our top quality implementation services and implementation consultancy services are designed to work together and compliment each other well.

Best Practice When Consulting and Implementation Support Are Needed

A good implementation consultant - like those you’ll find on a TouchstoneEnergy implement consulting group will take several steps before committing to an approach for the application of new software. Often this includes steps like goal alignment, ensuring that they are on the same page as your business and that employees who use the software understand company-wide goals. While consultants are usually specialised in delivering certain SaaS solutions (for example, TouchstoneEnergy specialise in the deployment of Infor SunSystems and HxGN EAM), by fully understanding the needs of your business an implement consulting group will be able to suggest modifications allowing your new implementation to better fit your needs, or work better alongside your existing setup.

This initial back-and-forth can make the implementation process slower, but by going through software options and refinement of business processes the deployment stage will likely go more smoothly. By helping to plan the whole project, and not just the software implementation aspect, a consultancy firm can guarantee that the final product is something that supports, and is integrated into, your business process.

In practice, the line between implementation and consulting is much more blurred, so it's important not to think of them as diametrically opposed. In fact, the reason blended terms like 'implement consulting group' persist is that most teams cover both aspects. The implementation of a new business process can only be useful when it is aligned with and relevant to a business' goals, so any company deploying business systems will start with some kind of consultation process. Equally, while you can get consultation to help construct new business processes, this can't be actuated without some kind of implementation.

Do you need the help of an implement consulting group?

The value offered by a consulting firm is not only an outside perspective but also a steady hand to help manage ERP project implementation. With years of industry experience on both sides of the consultancy and implementation process, organisations like TouchstoneEnergy provide invaluable insight and direction to business processes.

It's critical to build an ERP solution that is practical, aligned with your business goals and lays out essential information as your company needs it. If your company operates in the energy sector and you'd like to speak to a member of the team about how a TouchstoneEnergy implement consulting group can support you, you can contact us here.

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