Top Enterprise Asset Management Software & Renewable Energy

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Renewable energy operations are becoming ever more important as humanity strives to meet the ever-increasing energy needs of modern society without doing further harm to the environment. The effective management of renewable energy assets by the companies that own them is therefore crucial. It helps keep green power generation equipment up and running, reduces our need to turn to power generation methods that rely on fossil fuels, and helps the individual company (and the industry as a whole) grow. Enterprise Asset Management software (also known as 'EAM software') is designed to do just that - but how exactly does it help renewable energy businesses, and what's the top enterprise asset management software support package available today? Get answers to those questions, and more, in this blog.

Top Enterprise Asset Management Software & Renewable Energy

Understanding Enterprise Asset Management

Before we can start looking at the top enterprise asset management software packages on the market, it's important to first define what this type of support is designed to do. Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) is the process of managing an organisation's physical assets across departments, business units, locations, and geographical areas. EAM software solutions therefore need to offer a powerful suite of tools to manage all aspects of asset management, and the best ones do so with great success.

Top Enterprise Asset Management Software & Renewable Energy

EAM and Renewable Energy Businesses

Renewable energy enterprises face unique challenges regarding equipment maintenance and the transition from traditional energy sources. Renewable energy sources are more decentralised compared to traditional ones therefore, there are significant challenges in accessing remote equipment in solar panels, wind turbines, etc. to retrieve real-time data. As renewable energy enterprises grow, the number of physical assets increases, and EAM software solutions prove essential to manage these assets cost-effectively.

As a result of these challenges, EAM plays a critical role in ensuring equipment reliability and availability for renewable energy operations. When implemented and used correctly, top Enterprise Asset Management Software and support reduces costs for these businesses and optimises asset performance too, enabling them to continue producing renewable energy at lower costs.

Top Enterprise Asset Management Software & Renewable Energy

Benefits of Optimising Renewable Energy Operations Through the Use of EAM Software

Enterprise Asset Management Software is a game-changer when it comes to helping renewable energy operations work efficiently, and look after their assets appropriately by reducing operating costs, maximising asset performance and minimising downtime by helping personnel keep track of and meet equipment maintenance needs, and improving regulatory compliance. EAM software helps these organisations to be more productive and generate more green energy, more reliably. With these key benefits, renewable energy organisations can also operate with more confidence, knowing that they are utilising the latest technology to streamline their processes and maximise their results.

Top Enterprise Asset Management Software & Renewable Energy

Criteria for Choosing the Right Enterprise Asset Management Software

When searching for the right Enterprise Asset Management software for a renewable energy business, there are of course certain criteria, features and factors to bear in mind to ensure the software chosen will meet the specific needs of the business using it. These criteria include the following:

Integration With Other Systems

How the EAM software chosen handles integration with other systems is certainly something to consider, since to function fully the software will need to work with your existing systems.


Likewise you should also think about the user interface, how intuitive it is to use, and the overall user-friendliness of the software.

Staff Training Needs

Also keep in mind that the less intuitive or user-friendly a given piece of software is, the more training staff are likely to require before they can use it to the fullest.

Data Security and Confidentiality

Of course the platform's ability to keep your business' data safe is also crucial. This data is often of a very sensitive nature, and so it needs to be well-protected from cyber threats.


This isn't applicable to all projects, but overall cost and cost-effectiveness can be a key factor when deciding on a software solution. While investing in a quality system can save on operating costs in the long run, it should also align with your budget constraints.

Top Enterprise Asset Management Software & Renewable Energy

Top Enterprise Asset Management Software Solutions for Renewables

There can be little doubt then that for renewable energy operations, investing in an enterprise asset management (EAM) software solution can be a game-changer. However, with the multitude of options available today it can be hard to know which software platform or provider to go with. That need not be a problem any more though, as we're about to share with you the top asset management software and provider combination on the market.

Top Enterprise Asset Management Software: HxGN EAM

In our opinion, the top enterprise asset management software package available today is HxGN EAM from Hexagon. It has all of the features, functionalities and qualities that an energy business needs to begin using EAM software effectively, and the scalability to grow with them as needed. For more information, click here.

Top Support Provider: TouchstoneEnergy

With more than 250 years' combined experience providing business software support to energy companies - including specifically to renewable energy companies - TouchstoneEnergy has all of the skills and expertise you need on your side to put EAM software in place at your company. Even better, our services don't stop with implementation, as we also offer a range of ongoing support services too. Click here to learn more about our company, or here to contact us today.

Top Enterprise Asset Management Software & Renewable Energy


The ability to make use of enterprise asset management software has become a vital part of operations for renewable energy companies. With the right software in place these companies will be able to reduce operating costs, maximise asset performance, minimise equipment downtime, and even improve regulatory compliance. To get started on the implementation of a top enterprise asset management software package at your renewable energy business, reach out to the TouchstoneEnergy team now.

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