Maintenance Management

The smarter way to manage your maintenance teams

Maintenance management to enhance your asset lifecycle.

Whether you need to carry out reactive, planned, preventative, conditioned based, failure or non-conformity maintenance, Energy organisations can quickly and efficiently deploy engineers and contractors using our maintenance management solution ensuring optimal asset performance.

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Maintenance planning

Using our maintenance management system you can:

Record asset down-time with Lock-Out/Tag-Out (LOTO)
Calibrate and analyse equipment
Import smart meter data
Plan capital, projects and materials needed for each WO and maintenance routine
Plan, prioritise & schedule all maintenance scenarios

Manage your team

Allocate and manage Work Orders (WO's) from your desktop or mobile device, and:

Execute and dispatch WO's
View skillsets and permits to work
Access & sign incident, health & safety regulations on site
Record asset down-time in real-time for all asset types

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Purchase Management

Automatically view, assign, and manage all your asset and maintenance purchases from one system including the ability to:

Assign PO's against WO's & types
View requisitions & approvals
Add different PO types (goods & services; replenishment orders)
Automate user defined approval hierarchy with PO alerting & workflows
View item, blanket and contract pricing

Watch Ports of Jersey Case Study

You can learn more about the realities of using HxGN EAM in the real world by watching this case study on its use by Ports of Jersey. If you're also interested in any of the other platforms and tools that we can help you implement too then don't forget to check out the rest of our case studies for more real-world insights too!

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Analytics & Inter-Operability Features of HxGN EAM:

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Performance Management

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SCADA data

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GIS mapping

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Artificial Intelligence

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Integration & Workflows

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Document management

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Alerting & sensors

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Deployed as part of an ERP Enterprise solution or on its own, HxGN EAM offers asset-intensive industries comprehensive functionality to support your entire asset lifecycle.

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 Asset & Inventory Management

Asset & Inventory Management

Asset & Inventory Management

From building & facilities to electrical & mechanical, network and linear, our solution enables you to support, monitor, and optimise, the performance of your assets.

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