Joint Venture Accounting

The smarter way to accurately allocate and recover costs

Joint Venture Accounting (JV) and Cutback Automation allows you to optimise, monitor and control your Joint Venture processes.

Fully configurable to your individual business needs, our Joint Venture Accounting solution is designed to extend the functionality of a traditional finance system.

Allocate costs accurately

When different JV agreements exist, allocating costs manually during the cutback process can be complicated.

With parameter driven functionality, our JV process facilitates automation of cost allocation rules for each JV agreement – including cap & carry, gross and net books transactions – enabling faster and more accurate reporting to partners.

Efficient cost recovery

Using our integrated reporting tool, and integration with Sales Invoicing functionality, you can benefit from creating automated Joint Interest Billing or Cash Call statements with detailed cost analysis.

Invoices and statements are generated and sent for approval via our automated workflow process – they can be sent directly to the partner or output to 3rd party systems.

Integration with standard accounting systems

Our JV accounting and our full range of other business processes are designed to work with any accounting system including Infor SunSystems, SAP, SAGE, Oracle and Microsoft Business Central.

Our JV process has the flexibility to handle different accounting, currency and analysis structures along with complex partner share allocations.

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Key Benefits of Joint Venture Accounting:

Track every transaction in real-time thanks to the system's easy-to-use web-based reporting capability.

Quickly and accurately generate JV billing statements to report to partners following approval.

Define partner percentage allocations based on different phases, costs and lifecycle stages.

Joint Venture Accounting for Oil & Gas

Joint Venture Accounting for Oil & Gas

By deploying our sector-specific application, Oil & Gas firms accounting systems are supported by integrated data. By streamlining the approval and billing process, stakeholders can be assured that figures are accurate, and recovery is efficient.

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Joint Venture Accounting for Renewable Energy

Joint Venture Accounting for Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy firms can maximise process efficiencies, control costs and streamline accounting and cash management – all within a compliant group reporting framework.

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Accounting & Finance Solutions

Accounting & Finance Solutions

TouchstoneEnergy deliver Infor SunSystems Financial Accounting, Joint Venture Accounting, Infor Q&A Financial Reporting and Making Tax Digital Solutions for the Energy market including Oil & Gas, Renewable Energy, Utilities & Power Generation, Downstream Trading and Mining firms.