Infor Q&A

The smarter way to inform financial decisions

Infor Query & Analysis (Q&A): Comprehensive financial reporting for Infor SunSystems users.

Infor Q&A provides you with full management, financial and statutory reporting, detailed analysis, drill down options, report scheduling and automatic reports distribution.

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Accurate analytics and reporting

Infor Q&A's sophisticated analytical functionality makes it quick and easy to highlight trends, patterns, and exceptions in any financial report.

It's exhaustive, accurate analytics permit you to view actuals, budgets and variances with quick and easy methods of drilling to the transaction detail based on the analysis of each journal entry. This enables smarter decision making at both operational, and strategic levels.

Create reports in minutes

Infor Q&A is easy to use, enabling the finance team to customise reports that are specific to their department, region, or country.

This gives your organisation access to real-time reporting – keeping the stakeholders better informed and enabling faster decision making.

Reports can be distributed immediately in a number of formats; and can be scheduled via the Alerts function.

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Speed up adoption with TouchstoneEnergy

Every organisation looking at Infor Q&A from TouchstoneEnergy can expect a smooth transition.

Ready-built, sector-specific report template and our team of experienced consultants ensures that you are fully supported through the implementation phase.

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Key Benefits of Infor Q&A:

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Report actual budget variance by entity, department, project, cost centre, employee, joint venture and asset etc.

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Create a complete view of your business from every dimension using real-time data directly from the finance ledger.

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Infor Q&A delivers a familiar interface and exploits all the functionality of the Microsoft Office applications.

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 Infor Q&A for Oil & Gas

Infor Q&A for Oil & Gas

Infor Q&A for Oil & Gas

Infor Q&A offers Oil & Gas firms accurate repairs and cost analysis as well as management information and reporting - improving decision making.

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 Infor Q&A for Renewable Energy

Infor Q&A for Renewable Energy

Infor Q&A for Renewable Energy

Integrating seamlessly with existing operational systems and data such as CPM and BI, Infor Q&A enables Renewable Energy firms to meet any new reporting requirements.

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 Infor Q&A for Downstream Trading

Infor Q&A for Downstream Trading

Infor Q&A for Downstream Trading

Downstream Trading firms benefit from daily P&<’s, trades and counterparty analysis for management reporting and cashflow control.

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