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Drive productivity by lowering operating costs

Infor Enterprise Asset Management

Automated maintenance that maximises shelf-life

TouchstoneEnergy’s InforEnterprise Asset Management (EAM) solution affords strategic insights and safety compliance whilst extending the useful life of your assets.

Infor EAM harnesses Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) functionality using a fully integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. By tracking every physical asset and automating management processes, your asset management function is transformed.

The platform features mobility applications supported by all mobile devices. As a result, synchronised access is assured, control is centralised and equipment is successfully maintained.

Comprehensive real-time data allows you to manage your assets more cost-effectively.

Advanced reporting and analytics make forecasting and preventative maintenance planning simple and straightforward.

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Streamlined maintenance and work management

The systems track all maintenance needs and activities, preserving assets at peak performance.

Work order scheduling and inventory management functions help you make best use of crew, parts and equipment.

Waste is cut and resources are positioned strategically.

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Improved compliance and stakeholder confidence

We deal with all assets. Regardless of location or whether they are owned, leased or managed as part of a joint venture,

Our Infor EAM solution allows you to demonstrate lean processes that deliver best value, improve safety and certification, and reduce environmental impact.

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Infor EAM is ATEX compliant

The ATEX Directive means any technician or engineer working in a highly volatile environment is required to ensure their equipment is safe.

ATEX environments require specialist asset management approaches.

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Key features and benefits

Automated work order instructions

Optimised inventory control and materials management

Functionality to support contractors involved in engineering, maintenance or lifecycle projects

Centralised asset records including specifications, warranties, service contracts, maintenance instructions, spare parts, purchase date, and expected end of life planning

Planned maintenance scheduling and inspection tracking

Condition assessments and risk based maintenance

Asset mapping and cost tracking via asset hierarchy management

Project management capability for green-field asset development, planned shut downs, modification to plant, projects or even to manage the entire asset lifecycle

Reactive and emergency maintenance requests

Advanced reporting and analytics

Budgeting, covering everything from asset setup to calculating the full cost of ownership

Support for linear assets and GIS integration

Improving Supply Chain with Infor EAM

What our clients say...

"HESS goes live with integrated Financial and Enterprise Asset Management solution for management and maintenance of their Oil & Gas field assets in Algeria."

Hess is a leading shale oil and gas producer, one of the largest producers in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico and a key natural gas producer and supplier to Peninsular Malaysia and Thailand. The company is also engaged in exploration and appraisal activities.

HESS goes live with integrated Financial and Enterprise Asset Management solution for management and maintenance of their Oil & Gas field assets in Algeria.

IS ManagerHESS (Upstream)

Infor Partner of the year 2017 TouchstoneEnergy