Business Process Management

A BPM solution that integrates with enterprise applications to optimise process efficiency, reduce costs, and increase productivity.

EnergyFlow BPM: Process automation and continuous process improvement across the enterprise

Our EnergyFlow Business Process Management Platform delivers process design, process automation and efficiency, knowledge management and analytic capabilities in a single package.

Capturing, storing and delivering information in a way that matches your unique workflows, the platform makes it simple to streamline complex collaborative processes, monitor activity, and access analytical insights. This allows you to replace outdated manual processes that are impeding productivity and effective decision-making.

EnergyFlow is easy to navigate and use, and our sector-specific business process experts will guide you through each step so you can be confident in delivering the best possible productivity improvements for your organisation.

Streamlined processes

By integrating with existing systems, EnergyFlow allows you to automate and execute repeatable processes in a consistent manner across the organisation. Structured workflow mapping and modelling tools enable you to identify and build the most streamlined approach for each individual process.

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Control and compliance

Business process automation with EnergyFlow puts you in control. All activity around each process follows your specified workflow, and simple-to-use reporting makes it easy to see what is happening at every stage of the process. EnergyFlow ensures internal policies are followed, and wider compliance requirements are met.

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Shared information

EnergyFlow frees you from the limitations of your stand-alone processes and business applications. Connecting people and systems together via an intuitive easy-to-use workflow platform makes information available to share in real time and so drives smarter collaboration and decision-making.

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Key features and benefits

Central administration console

Support for an unlimited number of finance and non-finance related processes

Audit-ready compliance and regulatory standards reporting

Document life-cycle controls

Process modelling and development capability

Secure access control to business-critical information with audit trail

Flexible deployment options

Real-time business analytics

EnergyFlow mobile - access business processes, track progress, initiate or delegate tasks on the move

What our clients say...

"North African Upstream Oil & Gas operator implements EnergyFlow to control JV and non-JV AFE authorisation and help reduce budget overspend"

North African Upstream Oil & Gas operator implements EnergyFlow to control JV and non-JV AFE authorisation and help reduce budget overspend

IT ManagerNorth Petroleum