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Real time insights, intelligent predictions

Infor d/EPM

Leverage intelligent analytics, gain a strategic advantage

Our chosen budgeting and forecasting software is Infor d/EPM, an intuitive system that will transform your entire financial planning cycle. Integration of this solution enables our clients to harness data in order to advance budgeting, forecasting and business performance monitoring.

Required information is delivered in a user-friendly format avoiding the need for a resource-intensive administration process. Free from labour-intensive processes and error-prone spreadsheets, our clients are catapulted ahead of competing firms.

Providing best practice advice and technical support throughout the implementation stage and beyond, our experienced professionals pledge to provide a supportive, personalised service.

Intelligent financial performance management

Infor d/EPM amalgamates planning, budgeting and forecasting in a single system.

Users are able to measure, monitor and improve performance based on reliable real-time analysis.

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Visibility for agile decision making

Deep analytical capabilities reveal insights and opportunities that facilitate confident, efficient response.

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Risk management and compliance

Automated processes and continuous data monitoring helps to minimise security risks and maintain data integrity.

By extension, the cost of compliance and streamlining external audits are diminished.

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Key features and benefits

Financial and operational reporting with analysis

Financial planning based on user defined assumptions

Role-based analytics

Strategy management

Corporate and project budget alignment

Unlimited number of budgets with version control

Data mining with full drill down to GL lines

Cloud-based working

Graphical and charted data dashboards

3+9, 6+6, 9+3 or monthly rolling forecasts

Financial consolidations

Mobile app for employees on the move

What our clients say...

"Lekela and many others have selected Infor d/EPM to deliver their consolidated Corporate Performance Management and Reporting"

Lekela is a renewable power generation company that delivers utility-scale projects which supply much-needed clean energy to communities across Africa.

Lekela and many others have selected Infor d/EPM to deliver their consolidated Corporate Performance Management and Reporting

IT ManagerLekela (Renewables)

Infor Partner of the year 2017 TouchstoneEnergy