AFE Automation Software

Automated AFE processes that track approvals, reports spend against budget, saves management time, and introduce full cost control transparency

EnergyFlow AFE Automation: Total AFE control and spend transparency for the energy sector

EnergyFlow AFE Automation streamlines the complete AFE process, from initial request for approval, through to budget creation, and on to project close-out activities. By standardising the approach to budget setting, our AFE process helps increase the accuracy of AFE estimates. Every associated cost, tangible or intangible, is then accounted for, with hard engineering fact replacing what has historically often been a best guess estimate.

The system comes with a simple to navigate web interface, meaning users can access AFE records, update, review and approve AFE's in real time, wherever staff are working.

Supporting unlimited AFE types, EnergyFlow AFE Automation delivers full spend v budget visibility, so you can reduce project overspend and demonstrate all spending is compliant with corporate policy.

Flexible workflow, streamlined processes

By implementing AFE Automation, we help eliminate process inefficiencies by optimising your approval workflow and configuring the system to best meet your needs. Approval For Expenditure requests will follow your specified approval routing, with email alerts, resulting in reduced delays and AFE budgets being automatically created on approval.

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Full budget control

AFE Automation tracks expenditure against both AFE and corporate budgets, with reporting by cost category, currency and project stage. This means you can identify trends and spot potential overspend at an early stage. Built in rules-based approval mechanisms allow you to set fixed criteria for spending.

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Energy sector functionality

EnergyFlow AFE Automation integrates with any existing business system, caters for multi-currency working and any complex joint venture/project ownership arrangements common in the industry. It also includes key critical steps such as submission for technical, legal, financial and other evaluations with approval at every stage. AFE automation fully supports CTR (cost, time, resource) management.

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Key features and benefits

Web enabled, mobile accessible platform

Tracking against both AFE and corporate budgets

Every expenditure line recorded

Multi-currency working

Accounts for tangible, non-tangible and contingency cost items

Spend monitored against different phases from pre-mobilisation to close out

Automatic AFE budget creation on approval

Capture of all supporting documentation

Unlimited authorisation stages, with rules based approvals

What our clients say...

"North Petroleum selected EnergyFlow from TouchstonEnergy to automate their AFE and General Office processes"

North Petroleum selected EnergyFlow from TouchstonEnergy to automate their AFE and General Office processes

IT ManagerNorth Petroleum