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Deploying The Right Team For The Job

You may already be considering an ERP project or have already settled on purchasing an Infor solution. Either way, implementing any new system will completely change the way your company operates.

For some organisations, this can be significant, so selecting the right implementation partner and one you can trust is an important part of the project success.

Please allow me to introduce TouchstoneEnergy? We are a focused team who understands that any new software implementation is not something that should be taken lightly. We take the time to listen, we take time to understand the needs of your business, and most importantly, we pride ourselves on being a team that truly values what our customers require from their investment.

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Deploying the right team

Project Planning

TouchstoneEnergy adopts a structured, but agile approach to Project Management and throughout the project lifecycle. During our requirements gathering process, we find an agile project execution works best. We will determine the scope of your project and agree with individuals, their role, responsibilities and expectations.

Before any discovery process begins, it is critical to invest time upfront that identifies with the customer’s values and vision of your final solution. Understanding any existing systems and infrastructure is also crucial, as is developing an overall plan that supports the execution of a successful project.

TouchstoneEnergy’s project framework helps to guide you through your implementation. We align your Infor solution to your operating strategy which generates true ROI. The execution of any plan includes status and progress checkpoints at the conclusion of each agreed milestone.

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Project Planning

Implementing & Configuring To Fit Your Business Needs

TouchstoneEnergy helps energy companies to streamline their financial and accounting processes, better manage their physical assets and inventory, and improve operational efficiency.

We do this by providing an integrated Infor Enterprise solution comprising Financial Accounting, Budgets & Forecasts, and Asset Management (EAM) technology. TouchstoneEnergy has the skills and capabilities to configure your software to fit your specific business needs.

Our implementation strategy for any Infor ERP solution is to configure the solution based on our customers input and our consultant’s advice. We work with your team to configure and develop the solution to work the way you need.

Furthermore, TouchstoneEnergy will provide hands-on end user training that helps each person master the many ways that Infor technology can streamline your business processes for best efficiency.

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Implementing to business needs

Knowledge & Experience

For the past 13 years, TouchstoneEnergy has been successfully implementing Infor solutions specifically in the energy sector. Because of this experience, our consultants have the skills and industry knowledge necessary to develop customised solutions that most companies would struggle to deliver.

While most consulting firms use a standard implementation approach, which is also used for every customer, TouchstoneEnergy understands that every customer is different. We will work closely with your team to configure and develop the right solution for your business and align your new system with your specific processes.

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Knowledge and experience

Managed Services

If your organisation is struggling to find the necessary internal resource to support your Infor system implementation, you can always outsource additional resource from us.

From short-term staff assignments, to full onsite IT and systems support, TouchstoneEnergy can provide competent and experienced staff to help support your systems and pre and post implementation. During any downtime, we can also help with continued development of your system. Nothing stands still in the IT industry, so staying ahead with a competitive edge always helps.

Managed services

System Audit & Business Process Review

If your finance or business platform is no longer meeting your organisation’s needs, the system itself is probably not the issue. It’s simply that updates are required in order to catch up with changes being made to the business.

Drawing on our extensive experience in the energy sector, we are able to revive your system. We pledge to bring it back to a level where it delivers exactly what you bought it for with integrated processes that provide a firm foundation for expansion.

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System audit and business process review

What our clients say...

"We appreciate your flexibility and your results / customer-oriented approach."

Addax Petroleum is an international gas and oil production and exploration company mainly focused on the Middle East, the North Sea and Africa. Since 1994, the company become one of the largest oil producers in West Africa.

We appreciate your flexibility and your results / customer-oriented approach.

Global IS Applications Manager Addax Petroleum Ltd.