EnergyFlow: Daily Cost Tracker Analysis & Reporting launched

11. 07. 17 Marcus Kelly

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Track and analyse your operational expenditure by monitoring daily costs using EnergyFlow

EnergyFlow, the business process management platform designed specifically for the Energy Sector delivers accurate and auditable daily cost tracking and analysis of all AFE (authorisation for expenditure) related activities.

EnergyFlow Daily Cost Tracker Analysis & Reporting allows Cost Accountants to record and analyse operational expenditure and drilling activities on a daily basis.

From pre-mobilisation and closeout, through to Drilling, Stem Testing and Rig Decommissioning, EnergyFlow Daily Cost Tracker will record, analyse and report costs for each phase of the project.

EnergyFlow can measure operational performance against AFE Budgets with optional analysis at each project phase or Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) to provide vital predictive fore-casting and analysis of over / under spend.

EnergyFlow and our full range of business processes are designed to work with any existing standard accounting system including Infor SunSystems, SAP, Oracle, Microsoft NAV.

Learn more about Daily Cost Tracker and the many other modules of EnergyFlow.

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Marcus Kelly

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Marcus Kelly

Marketing & Business Development Manager