Renewables - How will your organisation meet the world’s growing demand for clean energy?

02. 08. 17 Marcus Kelly

Whilst the rest of the world’s economy struggles to survive the rising costs of fossil fuels, the impact that they have on the climate and the security of energy generally means there’s a constant demand for alternative, cleaner energy sources.

The Renewable Energy Sector has witnessed unrivalled growth with new project investment in the UK worth over £350m just this week and the trend is set to continue (March 2014).

Governments worldwide have set targets to reduce carbon emissions and to promote self-sufficiency in energy production. The UK 2020 target for the delivery of 15% of energy through renewable sources has promoted favourable public policy. Many organisations operating in the generation of renewable energy through wind, wave, solar and biofuel technologies have also experienced growth.

The specific organisational challenges that companies will face as they grow will differ according to their growth strategies, especially ensuring that the back office system is scalable to their growth. By managing organisational complexity early, companies can improve the chances that its growth plans will succeed and support the future business requirements.

Working with TouchstoneEnergy means that your organisation can grow organically through the delivery of flexible and scalable business solutions to meet the demands of your company. These include: financial accounting, business intelligence, procurement, business process management, supply chain management and asset management.

Whether you are a start-up or large multi-national, our systems will ensure that you have complete control and visibility over costs, delivering increased efficiency, effective communication and improved profitability.

TouchstoneEnergy powering Renewable Energy for a Sustainable Future

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Marcus Kelly

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Marcus Kelly

Marketing & Business Development Manager