A tale of two cups of coffee – and the true value of each one

25. 03. 20 Sarah Davis

The value of 2 coffee cups

March 2019 about $335 – let me explain

Back in 2018/2019 we working with a respected Business Partner in the USA to implement an enterprise ERP integrated with ETRM for a Downstream operator in Mexico. Each day 12-15 of us would meet in the assigned project room to start the days planned activities. Days were long and difficult, and mostly conducted in two languages. Mid-morning Monday to Thursday would see the welcome arrival of the delivery guy from a well known coffee chain – making absolutely sure everyone got their favourite drink and snack. The bill was about $40 a round. Someone questioned why we were spending so much money getting coffee delivered when there was a perfectly good kitchen and a coffee machine. **

So I took the whiteboard and explained my ‘math(s)’. Say each of the 6 consultants in the room are billed out at $150 per hour (the reality is probably more, but it was a easy round number). The average time it takes to distribute cups with individual names written on is about 5 minutes. The average length of time it takes to gather everyone back together after allowing an ‘escape’ to the kitchen is about 30 minutes. I even made a spreadsheet to explain.

March 2020 – I think invaluable

We are holding a series of virtual ‘coffee and catchup’ sessions for staff – to fit in with the fact we are also fulfilling Consultancy assignments remotely to keep projects on track, and support financial year end activity. It’s only a small thing but will hopefully help to keep our teams feeling less isolated. Bring your coffee, bring your lunch – share your work day with us - and then share your evening with your family.

The offer on my previous Linkedin post stands - if you’re currently working from home and need a bit of support using applications remotely for the first time, or you just want to join us for a coffee – we’re here.

** please don’t be concerned, everyone got a long break at lunch – we all needed a timeout by then!

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