OFS Portal Annual Conference

Accelerating the Global Adoption of eCommerce in Oil & Gas Sustaining Added Value in a Lower for Longer Market

  • Houston
  • Seminar

The OFS Portal Annual Conference is an invite only event in which executives from the Oil & Gas eCommerce community gather to share best practices on eCommerce deployments, highlight common issues affecting our industry adoption and look to the future on how new trends will affect the way Suppliers and Operators transact in business digitally on a day-to-day basis.

This year focuses on continued efforts to sustain and even increase efficiencies across the supply chain in a lower for longer market. In our Strategic Industry Update, we’ll cover the trends amongst governments (including the U.S.) to implement a fair and equitable model for business-to-government eInvoicing and learn about the business-to-government model that’s already in effect in Europe and it’s impact on industry standards.

Suppliers and Operators will be sharing their unique case studies while our diverse panel of speakers discuss thought-provoking industry shared pain points, trends and predictions.