Masterclass: Selecting & Implementing a new FMS and BI solution

  • Seminar

Replacing your Financial Management System (FMS) is one of the most significant projects a business will undertake, add into the mix the emerging importance of Business Intelligence and the Cloud and the process of change isn’t as simple as it once was. If you are a Finance or IT Professional and have been charged with such a project and are not sure where to start – then this is a MUST attend event for you.

Agenda at a glance;

  • DRIVERS FOR CHANGE – Why do organisations change systems, what are the tell-tale signs change is needed and what is the alternative to change?
  • THE CHANGE PROCESS - Where do you start, what are the main considerations and what are the key stages in the selection process and how to avoid costly pitfalls?
  • BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE – Historical based reporting is no longer enough and BI must feature in any FMS replacement project but what does that actually mean?
  • FMS & BI IN ACTION – SunSystems 6.3 and d/EPM are market leading solutions from Infor, see the power of a contemporary FMS & BI solution up close.
  • THE CLOUD HAS CHANGED EVERYTHING – We will explain what your options are when it comes to the choice of deployment models.

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