Quality Business Systems For The Energy Sector

The Energy sector has many unique challenges, but it also provides a wealth of opportunities. Businesses that can successfully navigate the complexities of this industry stand to gain a competitive advantage by providing better service and products to their customers, and the various business systems for the energy sector that TouchstoneEnergy can support you with are a great help in accomplishing that.

To reach the lofty heights that are possible using these systems however, companies must also be able to adapt their systems quickly and easily, as they grow or face new threats from competitors. This means finding solutions that are scalable, flexible and capable of supporting new processes as the business evolves over time. Once again, TouchstoneEnergy can support you effectively here as well, ensuring that you always have the right array of software in place to meet your business' and your customers' needs, without any unnecessary 'bloat' to complicate things or slow processes down.

The Areas In Which TouchstoneEnergy Can Support You

The following is a brief entry-level summary of the various types of business operations that TouchstoneEnergy and dedicated business systems for the energy sector can help with. For more information about any of them, simply click the relevant heading link, or use our contact us page to ask our team any questions you may have directly.

Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)

Regarding business systems for the energy sector, Enterprise asset management (or EAM) systems are highly important. EAM systems like HxGN EAM integrate all your various assets and their associated information in one central place, in an easy-to-access and easy-to-understand format. Able to include equipment, software, buildings, land and other tangible or intangible assets, EAMs track and manage the utilisation of all your company's resources so they are used efficiently and effectively.

EAMs provide real-time data on how each piece of equipment is being used so you can make better decisions about when to upgrade or replace it--and whether there are better opportunities elsewhere in your organisation for using those resources (for example: switching from an older machine that needs frequent maintenance to one that doesn't). They also help identify areas where efficiencies could be gained through technology upgrades or process optimizations before those areas become problems in the future.

Accounting & Finance

Business systems for the energy sector which are designed to help with the vital operations within company accounting and finance are of particular importance. The benefits of accounting & finance business systems for the energy sector - such as Infor SunSystems - include making it easier for you to keep track of your business finances by automating basic tasks. These tasks could include invoicing, or complying with financial reporting obligations such as Making Tax Digital, while also providing a tool to help you with financial planning and analysis - including budgeting for future expenses; projecting the impact of changes in sales, costs and other variables on your bottom line.

Procurement & Spend Management

Procurement and spend management is a complex process in the energy sector. As an energy company, you want to ensure that your procurement processes are efficient, effective and cost-effective so that they deliver value for money while supporting growth. Business systems for the energy sector which are specifically aimed at procurement and spend management come from providers like Proactis, and can play an important part in your company's success by ensuring that:

  • Suppliers are selected based on their ability meet specified requirements at the best price;
  • Contracts are awarded in accordance with company policies;
  • Your business complies with legal obligations concerning tendering processes (e.g., competition laws);
  • Supplier performance is monitored regularly so that improvements can be made where necessary

Performance Management

Performance management is also a key component of the energy sector, and here again you'll find that there are business systems for the energy sector specifically designed to monitor and manage how your processes and people perform. These systems can be used to track progress and identify opportunities for improvement, as well as trends in the industry. Performance management can also be used to identify areas where you need to focus your efforts on improving performance.

Performance management is a way of tracking progress and identifying opportunities and areas you need to focus your efforts on in order to improve your overall performance, as well as trends in the industry.

Business Process Management

Business process management (BPM) is a management discipline that uses information and technology to improve business processes across an entire organisation, including all departments, functions and locations involved in delivering value to customers or accomplishing strategic goals.

BPM is therefore concerned with the application of information technology, such as the business systems for the energy sector that we've spoken about today, to help businesses improve their business processes. It's also referred to as process improvement or workflow management.


We have seen that there are many different business systems for the energy sector that can be used to help energy companies better manage their operations. From accounting and finance to enterprise asset management, procurement and beyond - these solutions can all make a real difference to how well your company performs, and support from TouchstoneEnergy is the best way to put them in place and maintain them.

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