Business Process Optimisation

If companies want to be as efficient and profitable as possible, improve the success of their services and remain competitive they need to optimise and automate their business processes. As optimisation and automation of business processes are intertwined; the most effective way to optimise your business processes is to automate them.

Big data, artificial intelligence and machine learning are the technologies making this possible enabling us to solve most problems that businesses encounter in the optimisation process.

What is business process optimisation?

Business process optimisation is part of the business process management platform TouchstoneEnergy offers organisations to improve organisational efficiency by focusing on individual processes and raising their standards. It consists of a set of practices which companies utilise to make optimal use of their resources. This includes streamlined platforms for human resources, so tasks can be done individually and collectively. These are sometimes required to create large-scale changes in different processes.

Creating seamlessness in workflows, forecasting and adapting to likely change, as well as accurate communication, are some of the key aspects of process optimisation. Energy companies can optimise their management process by identifying and analysing problems and devising solutions, which should be followed up by monitoring the solution as it is implemented. However, handling these tasks well is not always straightforward - big data and AI can really facilitate the entire process.

Automation in business process modelling

Automation enables organisations to make better decisions, informed by the accurate analysis of data. For instance, work order management can be significantly enhanced by automated processes powered by artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and big data analytics. Energy companies and other asset-intensive organisations can also utlise algorithms, developed after processing their data, to improve operational efficiency.

Challenges with automation

There are several steps in optimising business processes, which are widely known, but correct implementation with a view to leveraging the best solution is not always simple. TouchstoneEnergy understands that different businesses mandate different plans in order to address their current challenges, redundancies and problems. These may include:

Inability to identify problems

An inability to identify issues can often lead to decreased productivity in your workforce, and in different processes. Knowing which issues need to be addressed is the first hurdle. Some energy companies fail to achieve this, and major issues might be present in multiple processes in their organisation, leading to asset wastage and financial loss, before a more effective plan is implemented.

Asset Wastage

Many businesses don't use their available assets in the most profitable or efficient way, resulting in significant losses. Planning for the most optimal use of resources is challenging, but more than achievable with the correct support.

Human resources

Many asset-intensive companies are lagging behind when it comes to the management of human resources. Assessing and monitoring employee performance, using specific and relevant metrics, is vital, and will improve the workflow of your business. Data can be used to create predictive data models, which can assess the performance of employees, allowing businesses to improve their practices.

Recruitment is another area which benefits from big data, as data science can play a role in employee recruitment and management, enabling you to hire in accordance with company requirements.

Incorrect data handling

Enhancing business processes means that decisions always need to be driven by data, as this allows for greater certainty in outcomes. Incorrect analysis of data or a lack of data can lead to chaos within an organisation, making streamlining of tasks extremely difficult.

Failure to select the right software

When businesses first begin to automate their business processes, they should be using high quality software solutions, with capabilities which are suited to their specific needs. Failing to choose the right software can create a huge obstacle in the business optimisation process. Touchstone always offers a bespoke solution, based on the information you provide to us about your company.

Advantages of big data

There are many benefits to using big data analytics, machine learning (ML) tools and artificial intelligence (AI) when optimising processes. Well planned and correct utilisation of these technologies can solve most problems encountered in the management of business processes.

Analytics and AI can help to monitor business processes and identify problems as soon as possible, enabling you to detect issues and take measures to resolve them. Resource management is another process facilitated by big data - when done correctly, it provides you with detailed insights on how best to allocate and deploy resources. Data processing and analysis enables you to ascertain the areas in which resources can be most usefully allocated, in order to maximise profitability.

Our wider support offering

TouchstoneEnergy prides itself on providing a complete support service to businesses working inthe various sectors of the energy industry. We offer a vast range of software solutions from providers like Infor and Proactis, as well as other support and services that help such companies improve or streamline many areas of their business in a variety of ways. You'll find further details on all of the support we can provide as you browse through our website, as well as useful resources, news & blogs related to our work too.

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