HxGN and Infor EAM Maintenance

To ensure that their business runs smoothly and projects stay on track, organisations across the Energy sector need to maintain and keep track of their assets in order to ensure they are operating at maximum capacity and are in good working order. Many Energy businesses have trusted Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) software such as HxGN EAM (previously Infor EAM) in place to help them continuously improve productivity and performance.

However, what happens when your EAM system needs to be updated and maintained? In this blog, TouchstoneEnergy looks at the various different kinds of HxGN/Infor EAM maintenance and how our team’s knowledge, experience and expertise helps to ensure that your Energy business can continue to operate, whilst remaining compliant during a HxGN/Infor EAM maintenance schedule.

Why EAM Maintenance might take place

The most common reason for maintenance to take place is simply to keep the EAM environment running smoothly, but it's also performed to fix bugs and add enhancements, as well as bring new features and functionality into the environment.

The different types of HxGN/Infor EAM Maintenance

Essentially, there is only one kind of HxGN / Infor EAM maintenance since it is all delivered via software updates. However, there are a number of different types of update, and so in this section the TouchstoneEnergy team will explain the differences between update types, who they are for and what they are designed to do.

Major Updates

A major release of an application or platform that introduces new features and functionality, but also changes existing features. A major update usually requires you to upgrade your infrastructure in order to use it. If you do not upgrade your infrastructure, then you cannot use this new version of the product.

Minor Updates & Patches

Hexagon also releases updates to its software on a regular basis (typically every 6-8 weeks) to ensure it remains up-to-date with the latest technology available. Minor updates and patches are also used to fix bugs or add enhancements to existing product features.

Service Packs

A collection of fixes for bugs found in earlier versions of an application or platform, packaged together for easy deployment by customers who have already installed those older versions. Service packs are generally released before major upgrades. Service packs are cumulative, meaning that the latest service pack includes the fixes and enhancements of all previous service packs.

Speak to the TouchstoneEnergy team about how we can issue a service pack to fix minor bugs in your EAM platform.

How Touchstone can provide HxGN/Infor EAM Maintenance

Touchstone's Managed Service

TouchstoneEnergy's managed service takes the hassle out of meeting your HxGN / Infor EAM maintenance needs. A managed Touchstone client essentially doesn't need to worry about HxGN / Infor EAM maintenance any more because we take care of it for them. There is a small expense incurred here as this is an extra service that we provide - but many businesses find the extra peace of mind to be well worth the investment.

TouchstoneEnergy Helpdesk

Our helpdesk works as an extension to your team and is available for issue logging 24/7, so if you do run into any issues you can notify us of them immediately. We are fully equipped to assist our clients remotely, and are able to provide effective technical support for any HxGN/Infor EAM maintenance issue, (or indeed any other issue) to Energy organisations worldwide.

More about TouchstoneEnergy

Alongside businesses such as Touchstone Business Intelligence and Touchstone Financial Management Services, TouchstoneEnergy are part of the Touchstone Group, and we specialise in providing business systems to companies in the Energy sector. Working in partnership with us has been a real benefit to many businesses across the energy sector - including renewable energy providers, utilities and power generation companies, downstream traders, even companies working in oil & gas, mining. Why not reach out to our team today to see how our team’s expertise can help your energy business succeed?

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