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TouchstoneEnergy's experienced consultants assess each aspect of your financial processes, systems and outcomes. We use all the data available to us to show you how your organisation can be more efficient, how it can reduce costs, improve accuracy, meet timelines sooner, and improve the quality and accuracy of financial statistics. Our strategic management team provides personalised solutions, which are aligned with your business's specific needs. We offer guidance with strategy and implementing software to monitor business operations.

An evaluation of your finance system can make a significant commercial difference to your organisation, resulting in greater profits, and more cost-effective practices.

Bringing over 250 years of combined experience to the table, TouchstoneEnergy has worked with multiple clients in the energy sector in the past and successfully helped them to improve their financial processes and prepare their businesses for further growth. When you call on us for finance system review support, we compile an extensive report of your business's current activity, containing a full analysis of your current financial practices. This includes any issues we may have identified and how they can be remedied. In addition, the recommendations in our report will be customised to your individual business, which we firmly believe enables a better outcome.

Our finance system review services


We gain a thorough understanding of your organisation and the potential problems it faces, as well as its long-term goals. With this is in mind, we can devise the best risk management strategy, and optimise planning for future projects and/or investments.


TouchtoneEnergy has the expertise to deliver services to organisations with specific regulatory obligations, and common legal obligations such as taxation related to employee benefits, or pension schemes. Touchstone has also developed software to digitise the tax returns process, making compliance with corporate tax legislation in the United Kingdom straightforward.

Our finance system review offers real-time insights into your business' financial health

Financial technology is revolutionising the world of banking and how people use money. It's also facilitating business practices and project management in the energy sector, changing how companies do their bookkeeping and manage their cash flow. The digitisation of financial services can improve the performance and efficiency of teams at work - instant access to statistics means there is greater transparency within your business and between different departments. All relevant employees, partners and senior management figures can access the same set of statistics, eliminating ambiguity in messaging, helping the information presented and the takeaways which it means to pass along be understood correctly, and eliminating potential delays in undertaking any operations.

Cloud based accounting and management processes provide instantaneous information about an organisation's performance. Touchstone's tech solutions allow you to securely create statutory accounts, and to gather and store financial information which can inform your business practices. Reliable and accurate data enables better decision making, and faster responses to challenges in your business.

We can help you to interpret data and support you in decision making. Our consultant team works with you to select the most optimal procedure for your individual needs.

The other support offered by TouchstoneEnergy

In addition to the finance system review, Touchstone's support also extends into other areas of your business where we have a proven track record of helping companies in the energy sector succeed - including the following specialties:

System review and process optimisation

As you browse through our website you'll see that TouchstoneEnergy's expertise in performance management extends far beyond the financial support that we've spoken about above. Indeed, our team can also help you assess and improve the effectiveness of the business processes you employ, the assets you use as part of your regular business activities, and because we provide those two services we can also help you glean valuable insights into your overall performance as a business and help you improve in a number of ways.

Asset, process and performance management

Once the reviews that we've talked about above are complete, measures are implemented to take advantage of any scope for improvement that they identified. Asset, process and performance management support from TouchstoneEnergy helps you get on track to maximum efficiency and performance in these areas in a number of ways, so click the relevant links for more details!

Implementation consultancy services

Once the reports have come back and identified areas where your business can improve, your help from the Touchstone team doesn't have to end there. Indeed, through our implementation consultancy services our team is also expertly equipped to help you turn the insights included in our various reports into actual, concrete improvements that will help your enterprise thrive and grow.

Ongoing support

Of course, we understand that any time processes or systems are changed, that has a knock on effect and calls for a range of other tasks to be completed in support of the change. That being the case, TouchstoneEnergy is also on hand to help you take care of these tasks. In this section we're talking about things like employee training and ongoing expert tech support for the new platform.

Learning more about how TouchstoneEnergy can help you

TouchstoneEnergy is the UK's leading implementation partner of financial management, enterprise asset management and process management software.

As pioneers of progress and with the colliding forces of digital transformation and energy transition both gathering pace, TouchstoneEnergy helps connect asset-intensive organisations with software that makes a difference in these challenging economic times.

A global IT consultancy dedicated to the Energy sector, TouchstoneEnergy is renowned for delivering best practice asset management, finance, BI and technology-based implementation solutions for oil & gas, renewable, mining and oil field services companies.

Our specialist consultancy team are from within industry and have comprehensive energy sector knowledge with a customer-centric approach that delivers effective results and long-term partnerships for the benefit of our customers.

For more information on each of the areas in which the Touchstone team can help you, feel free to browse around the various sections of our website, or reach out to us on social media. |

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