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A business system is there to take charge of and support operational processes, although this is only possible if it is tailored to suit your organisation's specific requirements. How do you know when it is time to review business processes? In fast moving industries, where legal regulation can change quickly, remaining efficient as a business and compliant with the law is an ongoing challenge. TouchstoneEnergy offers software solutions to facilitate tax reporting, eliminating costly errors.

In businesses running large projects on a regular basis, a poorly designed and badly implemented system can lead to chaos and poor decision making. However, there are opportunities to fix any problems that you may identify within your organisation, by assessing the asset management systems in place and seeking advice to amend them. After completing a full business insight review, our consultants will guide you through any strategy we take,

A business with centralised systems may grow over time, changing before people notice that the business model is not in alignment with the organisation's current requirements. Time and resources may be wasted daily, as well as on monthly or annual processes. This can be at a HR level too with compensation and benefits, for example. Often, organisations only reevaluate their business systems when the current processes no longer accommodate how the staff need to work on a daily basis, or the nature of client requests changes. However, it is not always necessary to completely overhaul your existing strategies; sometimes, just assessing and modifying your existing processes is all that is needed to improve company-wide performance.

Bespoke Services

At TouchstoneEnergy, we use our no fewer than 25 years of combined experience to adapt our solutions to the challenges you face. We know that each Energy organisation is unique, so in the first instance we gain a thorough understanding of your business operations and policies, based on the information you provide to us during our initial discussion.

Digital Transformation aligning business processes

Digital transformation ensures that technology is moving fast, which is reflected in our solutions.

Most UK companies now make use of cloud software to manage their data, project planning and resource management, If having multiple locally-stored systems (we'll use the humble spreadsheet as an example) is becoming unmanageable and inefficient for your business, opting for a cloud-based solution could be the answer. This means that data can be integrated into a single system, rather than several, aligning business systems and departments. It's also cost-effective, as you save on software maintenance, development costs, and training, Multi-Tenant systems are a more convenient and reliable way too.

Organisational issues arise before you realise

Many organisations which have departmentalised their working environments don't realise when there are inefficiencies and problems. Departments working separately from one another may have lower productivity, without knowing it, since they are accustomed to working in their separate teams.

Our consultants will help you to avoid short-term solutions which fail to resolve long-term issues. The first step in problem-solving is to ask the right question, which is why we always take the time to learn as much as we can about your company before devising any strategy. Humans are more efficient when we work together and share information as such TouchstoneEnergy has a collaborative approach when working with our client base as we feel that this helps us achieve the best outcome.

Entering data in traditional systems can be time-consuming, when that time could be usefully allocated elsewhere. One connected tech system requires less maintenance, and has better usability, streamlining business operations and practice. Not to mention, it's more reliable, as human error is less likely.

Within departmentalised companies, information which isn't shared between different teams can lead to issues. A cloud-based system means everyone has access to accurate, up-to-date information, leading to fewer obstacles within the workflow, and greater productivity and engagement from employees. Our tech solutions give employees easy access to the information they need to work, meaning projects are completed more quickly and smoothly.

Identifying when there are issues

Without an efficient software platform, management might learn about problems after they have arisen, resulting in money and time lost, and targets missed. Without up-to-date key performance measures and statistics, it's impossible to ascertain which areas need attention. Resource planning software provides instantaneous reporting on operations in your business, allowing for better decisions.

Forecasting is also facilitated by Touchstone's tech solutions. With traditional methods, creating a business forecast takes longer and the data is less reliable. Firstly, managers need to be consulted, data collected, formatted and then presented. It may even transpire that some or much of that data is not relevant. Cloud solutions make access to live data possible with just one click.

Tech solutions to business management

Allocation of time and informing management of crucial information is greatly facilitated by a cloud software system. Better quality data, delivered in real time allows your business to work more efficiently, contributing to its growth. Any business reporting software will affect every area of your organisation, so it's crucial to select the right implementation partner and to have a well planned strategy. Implemented correctly, a cloud solution can help your organisation respond to change, lead to better decision making, better financial forecasting, and reduce inefficiencies in administration and marketing.

Other support offered by TouchstoneEnergy

Business system review is just one part of the comprehensive range of support services offered by TouchstoneEnergy. We are dedicated to helping and supporting companies from across the various industries within the energy sector with proven solutions from Hexagon, Infor, Proactis and many more that helps them streamline their activities and maximise profit.

TouchstoneEnergy is the UK's leading implementation partner of financial management, enterprise asset management and process management software.

As pioneers of progress and with the colliding forces of digital transformation and energy transition both gathering pace, TouchstoneEnergy helps connect asset-intensive organisations with software that makes a difference in these challenging economic times.

A global IT consultancy dedicated to the Energy sector, TouchstoneEnergy is renowned for delivering best practice asset management, finance, BI and technology-based implementation solutions for oil & gas, renewable, mining and oil field services companies.

Our specialist consultancy team are from within industry and have comprehensive energy sector knowledge with a customer-centric approach that delivers effective results and long-term partnerships for the benefit of our customers.

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